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About the Vital Fam.

We are a little family of 4, Washington locals, who are moving to Mexico, and share a love for quality coffee.

But let's step back, Stephen grew up in a little town in the White Mountains of AZ, and I (Abbie) split my growing up years between the Emerald Coast in FL, and Friday Harbor WA. We both journeyed onto New Zealand for seminary, and that is where we fell in love over our shared activities of cleaning, cooking, coffee runs, studying and hiking. From the beginning of our relationship we've always valued hard work and perfect coffee.


So naturally, we got our coffee business started in less than 2 years after we got married.


We kicked off our business ventures with a coffee cart called The Stand in 2021 on San Juan Island. More about the adventure that was The Stand here. We lived there for a time making friends, serving in the community, and slinging 'spro, then we carried on our journey to the North Seattle area. Our time in Seattle shifted our focus from the coffee cart to growing our family, growing as people, and traveling the world. 

Over the last couple of years we have done A LOT of crazy things. Here is our snapshot to give you an idea of our multi-passionate nature; 

- Abbie got a job with an airline to reap the benefits of standby travel

- She also wrote a vibe of a children’s book called the ABC’s of Coffee

- We placed 5th place in The Barista League competition in Gothenburg Sweden

- Had a home birth baby in our apartment

- Abbie took up small event catering and was actually pretty good at it!


- Stephen has earned his SCA certification and started roasting AMAZING coffee

- We created an online course to teach you how open and run a successful and profitable coffee cart.

and currently we are embarking on our craziest

adventure yet... 

-We decided to move our family to Mexico for a family and cultural reset. Follow along with that journey here. 

Though our business looks a little different than normal, it is full of exciting uncharted territory, and we cannot thank you enough for supporting our dream and drinking good coffee!


Things We Do

Craft Coffee

Stephen roasts specialty coffee in small batches sourced from sustainable farms. Stephen got his certification from the Specialty Coffee Association, and we have done a lot of "homework" to make sure this coffee is *good* good. Get yours here!

Learning Materials

For kids and adults! The ABCs of Coffee is a fun and informative kids book, and one that every coffee lover needs on your coffee table. We also have lots to equip budding business owners through an e-course, and helpful tidbits on @thestandcoffeecart on instagram!

Cooking, Design & More

There are many things we love, and will be sharing on our blog. Mostly for fun, occasionally professionally, those things are; cooking, home design, prenatal resources, family travel, & thoughtful musings. If you're interested in anything we are into, please reach out!

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