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Anti Inflammatory Pink Oatmeal Bowl

Get the ultimate jumpstart on your day with this brain & heart healthy oatmeal recipe. This oatmeal is not only is packed full of purposeful ingredients, but it also pairs perfectly with that morning coffee.

This oatmeal is my GO TO for so many reasons. First off- it's delicious. Like my toddler & oatmeal-hating husband requests "that oatmeal" every morning for breakfast- delicious. Second of all, it is PACKED with ingredients that help support overall body and mind health, we will dive into those specifics soon. Finally, it is surprisingly filling for an oatmeal bowl.

Happy Morning pink oatmeal is pro-metabolic and anti-inflammatory and is a great breakfast/snack option. Especially for pregnant/postpartum mamas, as many of the ingredients support prenatal and postpartum health. (but it doesn't discriminate if you don't find yourself in that court!) Quick, easy, delicious and nourishing; what more could you ask for in a breakfast?

' Quick, easy, delicious and nourishing; what more could you ask for in a breakfast? '

Pink oatmeal is a recipe I came up with about 4 months ago when I started embarking on my journey of diagnosing some of the things I have been struggling with (tiredness, low libido, mental fog, mood swings, anxiety; just to name a few) as ultimately problems with my diet.

Yes- apparently what you nourish (or don't nourish) your body with affects A LOT of things. I realized after reading many articles, books, and listening to many podcasts that my diet was just about as inflammatory and hard to digest as you could get- and I was eating pretty "healthy"! I tried to focus my diet to be mostly plant based, I was avoiding dairy when possible (except for the occasional latte or cheesy delicious dinner) and I was opting for lots and lots of nut products as my main protein source. I thought my biggest problems with my diet is my incessant sweet tooth that demanded a cookie daily, but I was so so wrong. For more on this, & the science-y specifics on my health journey I am currently on, read this blog post; The Importance of Nourishment !


Okay, here is what you've been waiting for; how allll of my current exploration and learning ties into a pink bowl of oatmeal. I looked at some of the areas I was struggling in, and which vitamins, minerals, carbs, proteins, etc. I could be lacking in and then I combined a whole bunch of real foods that could help supply my body with those things in which I was lacking, into one bowl of oatmeal. Here is a break down of how each ingredient helps my body meet a specific need;

Oats: healthy carb, easy to digest, high antioxidant & iron levels

Raw honey: carb rich in antioxidants & nutrients, fights infection, soothes seasonal allergies & aids in digestion

Cinnamon: Inhibits the release of pro-inflammatory messengers in the body; helps regulate blood sugar

Chia Seeds: NUTRITIOUS (loaded w/ vitamins and nutrients needed to produce ATP!)

Walnuts: Contains higher amounts of Omega 3s than any other nuts, rich in unique anti-inflammatory phytonutrients

Raspberries: Vitamin powerhouse (contains a large amount of vitamin C, and smaller amounts of vitamins K, E, B, magnesium, copper, iron, and potassium) As well as antioxidants that help fight inflammation

Sea Salt: Reduces fluid retention, balances electrolytes to keep you hydrated, improves digestion and nourishes the adrenal glands

Grass-fed Heavy Cream: Contains important fat soluble vitamins, helps meet daily caloric intake, grass fed dairy is proven to have better nutritional value vs grain fed

Grass-fed Ghee or Butter: Contains omega 3 & CLA fatty acids which both play a crucial role in eye, brain, heart, and lung health

Almonds: Contains healthy fats that decrease inflammation and help lower cholestrol & a rich source of vitamin E

"Happy Morning" Pink Oatmeal Bowl

What You'll Need

  • Small Saucepan + Wooden Spoon

  • Sea Salt

  • 1c Water

  • 1/2c Organic Oats (steel cut or rolled)

  • 1 TSP Chia Seeds

  • 1 Heaping TBS Raw Honey

  • 1 TSP (or to taste) Cinnamon

  • 1 TBS Grass-Fed Butter (or Ghee)

  • 1/4c Walnuts

  • 1/4c Raspberries (fresh or frozen)

  • 2-3 TBS Grass-Fed or Organic Heavy Cream

  • Almonds or Almond based granola

How We Make It

  1. Bring 1c of water with a large pinch (or couple of cracks) of sea salt to a boil in a small covered saucepan over high heat.

  2. Once the water begins to boil, stir in the oats and lower the heat to a gentle boil/aggressive simmer. Immediately stir in chia seeds, raw honey, & cinnamon.

  3. Cook according to the package directions, but the longer the oats cook, at a lower temp, the creamier they will be.

  4. As the water begins to be mostly absorbed by the oats, stir in the butter/ghee and walnuts. Turn the heat off if you have a glass top/convection stove, or to the lowest setting if you have a gas stove.

  5. Stir in/break up the raspberries in the oatmeal and stir to heat oats throughout.

  6. Once heated, remove from the heat source (remove from remanent heat from a convection stovetop, or turn the burner off if cooking w/ a gas stovetop) and stir in the heavy cream.

  7. Immediately serve topped with almonds/almond granola (& additional berries, crack of sea salt & sprinkle of cinnamon if desired.) Enjoy this easy & delicious start to your day!!

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